My first try at 3d modeling made from scratch!  The software itself is really complicated and what not but basic sculpting is surprisingly intuitive.  I chose to do a face because of my knowledge of facial anatomy and proportions from years of doing portraits.  The program, however, uses a ton of memory and it runs pretty poorly on my weak computer.  Still a ton to learn like how to get cleaner and finer details but this is a good start.  

Sorry about the terrible quality.  Zbrush has a time lapse feature/movie maker built into it but I don’t know how to use it that well.  Uploaded this to give y’all an idea of how this works.  

More content coming soon.  I’m working on about 5 different concepts drawings at once mostly because I get bored of working with one and then move back forth between them.  Some of them are nearing completion so expect new stuff soon.  

ALSO, I’m starting to learn how to use Zbrush, a 3d modeling software.  As of right now I know pretty much nothing about 3d modeling.  I barely know how to navigate through all the Zbrush’s features.  I’ll post pictures once I have worthy content to show but don’t expect that for a while since I’m learning from scratch.  I’m basically posting this so I’m forced to learn it because I said would (cause apparently that’s how I function).  90% of the job opportunities I look at require 3d modeling skills which I currently lack so hopefully learning this will help make me more competitive for these jobs.  Might as well learn something new since I’m stuck in bed all day with this broken leg.  

Broke my leg so won’t have much to do except draw…

It’s good to be back.

Be back soon

So school is annoying, but it’s something I have to do anyways.  Almost done with it though so I’ll be returning to my normal productive self soon.