Finally had some time/motivation.  Been doing a lot of studies and experiments so not much post worthy.  

School’s been getting in the way of these.  Been working on line quality and presenting concepts clearly.  This piece shows the vehicle from different angles and shows the shadows and lights that it casts.  Simple, yet effective, at displaying information.

Hi ya’ll.  I’ve got a blog now at which I’ll be using as a professional portfolio for now just in case any of you are interested.

Quick sneak preview of what one of the pieces I’m working on atm.  Taking a little longer than I would like cause of school but is probably my best one to date.  

Two scrapped paintings.  Now that I’m a lot faster using this brush I feel more comfortable with abandoning paintings that I don’t feel are working.  In the past I would spend days working on stuff until I realized it wasn’t going to work which would be depressing.  Nowadays these paintings only take a few hours so I can notice a lot faster if something’s just not going to work and just move on to the next one.  Wasted time is still wasted time though.

As someone who transitioned from physical to digital painting I’ve always wondered how artists achieved the painter’s touch on the digital side.  Well I finally found it and the answer was as easy as a brush.  A default brush actually (those brushes that are supposed to resemble physical paint), I always thought that you had to download some fancy brush that I was too lazy to go find but the answer came with photoshop right out of the package.  I underestimated these brushes at first because they seemed really hard to control but I find that if you just go with the flow things come together slowly, kind of like tradtional media (at least for me anyways).   I’ve always felt a disconnect between how my brush behaves and how I want it to and these brushes go a long way to bridging that gap.  The result is these two images that I spent WAY less time on and got way better results than my traditional process in my opinion.  Finally, doing these are becoming fun and not all stressful like they usually are.  Still have other stuff I have to improve on though, this brush doesn’t solve everything (unfortunately).  

With these two images I also wanted to challenge myself by shying away from sci-fi and doing more fantasy based illustrations to broaden my portfolio.  Also tried a new process of picking colors which I’m very happy with.